3 Best Schools Offering Online Courses on Growing Weed

Growing your own cannabis is a great feeling. There’s nothing like harvesting, trimming and curing the plants yourself – unless you have access to an indoor grow room!

For all those non-gardeners out there who want some fresh herb but can’t get started because it seems too difficult or confusing – don’t worry; we’ve got just what’ll work for ya’!

Here are 3 awesome online schools that offer invaluable knowledge and a certificate you can boast about, on cultivating cannabis:

1. Green CulturED

If you are an experienced grower or even a beginner looking to become a master cultivator, Green CulturED offers a Master Grower Certification. You can have the digital certificate easily displayed on LinkedIn. They are accredited in various states, that include West Virginia, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Illinois, by cannabis industry regulators.

With 12 months at your disposal to complete your course, you get to learn at your own pace. They provide you with micro-learning modules that help you cover the whole range of cannabis cultivation. They have a mobile application and a great range of resources available to download. They have been praised for providing a positive learning environment and allowing flexible class hours. And last but not the least, their customer support team is highly responsive and dependable.

2. Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University offers a Growing Medical Marijuana Certificate Program through access to a variety of ebooks as well as accredited industry experts in the field. Also, this university is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

This school provides you with the wonderful opportunity to learn all about the medical marijuana industry, and how to grow your own cannabis legally in California. This 12-month course comes with access to over a dozen ebook guides and more than 20 instructional videos. They provide 24-hour support as well as career and resume assistance to the students enrolled. Both new and seasoned growers can learn a lot by taking up this course. There is a broad array of subjects for them to look into, and understand issues that growers face.

3. Oaksterdam University

If you are someone who is looking to learn how to grow indoor cannabis professionally, Oaksterdam University has the perfect course for you. Though not accredited, their online Horticulture certification program is taught by staff and faculty who have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge of the highest level.

They give students up to 180 days to finish the course, which includes guidance on federal and state law, as well as constitutional rights. They assign real-world projects, master exercises, grow demos, and offer the opportunity to network and socially interact with peers and the best in the industry. The indoor horticultural education provided by Oaksterdam University is one of the most comprehensive ones available today, an absolute go-to program if you want to enter the Cannabis Industry and expand your personal growth.

How Do These Online Cannabis Cultivation Courses Work

These online cannabis courses present a wonderful example of remote learning at work. The educators and experts involved in these educational programs have experience working within the industry, making them an invaluable resource for students looking to pursue careers as cultivators or retailers alike. Learners can access lectures through a video feed from anywhere with an internet connection- no need to get up off your couch!

Online cannabis courses are a great way to brush up on your knowledge of the industry while learning new skills. These online classes typically include quizzes and graduation requirements that must be met in order for students who complete them, will receive certificates upon completion which makes them perfect if you’re looking for something more formal than just getting high with friends at parties or festivals!

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