Puff & Play: The 13 Best Weed Smoking Games To Try


Videogames aren’t the only thing you can play when you’re high as a kite.

If you’re looking for alternatives to drinking games that don’t involve alcohol but still have you feeling good, you should try one of the many weed smoking games instead. 

There are quite a few ways to combine friendly competition and fire ganja – in fact, you can incorporate cannabis into pretty much any game you want to. That being said, these are our top selections of fun weed games to play with your favorite stony companions.

Before we get into the specifics, keep safety in mind whenever you plan to bust out the weed games at a party or gathering. Make sure no one who is ingesting cannabis or alcohol is driving anywhere, and make sure everyone practices caution around mixing cannabis and alcohol, as well as recognizing their own limit for ingestion overall (you might want to have some CBD on hand is somebody does get too high). 

Also, make sure you’re prioritizing health and safety if you’re planning to gather any time soon, and taking any precautions necessary to stay protected as we continue to battle the pandemic. 

Once you’ve got that all taken care of, it’s time to play:

Ash bomber is one of the most popular and widely-recognized weed smoking games among stoners. To play, you’ll need to gather a few materials first: a rubber band, a penny, a cup, a sheet of rolling paper (or toilet paper), and a rolled joint.

Once you have everything, you’re going to first cover the cup with the paper, securing it with the rubber band around the rim. Then, place the penny in the middle of the paper and spark up your joint.

Every time someone takes a hit, they must hold in the smoke, burn a hole in the paper, pass the joint, and then exhale. Whoever burns the hole that causes the penny to drop loses and has to do whatever the rest of the players decide. Choose wisely, and play carefully! 

If you’ve smoked weed, you’ve definitely heard Bob Marley’s “Jamming,” and recognized what an important piece of stoner culture it has become over the years. 

In honor of the great Bob Marley, competitive weed tokers created the game Jammin’ – essentially, you put on the song, and every time you hear the word “jammin’” ease out of Marley’s mouth like molasses, take a hit. Just be aware of your limit – those hits will definitely rack up quickly.

If you enjoy arts ‘n’ crafts, setting the scene for your get-togethers, and have a good amount of time on your hands, then Wheel of Weed is the perfect weed smoking game for you.

You’ll have to create your own wheel using whatever materials work best for you, and label each section with tasks like “take two hits,” “pass the joint to your left,” “take a bite out of an edible,” etc. 

Then, simply channel your inner Vanna White and spin that wheel!

This is one of the most obvious, tried-and-true ways to spend an afternoon with good weed and even better friends. Reminiscent of racing home after school to get high as a kite and play Halo for hours, this activity is full of nostalgia and fresh excitement. 

You can select the game you want to play depending on your mood, and what sort of high you’re experiencing – whether you feel like dominating on Fortnite or losing yourself in the transcendent melodies of Guitar Hero. 

However, if gaming is how you prefer to spend every high, things can get a little stale and you may be missing out on the many cognitive nuances of the cannabis-induced altered mindset. If that’s the case,  maybe skip this one and keep your mind open to the rest of this list. 

Well, this one is self-explanatory. Relive your childhood dreams with everyone’s favorite game: musical chairs!

Except, this time it actually has a chance to be your favorite game, because we’ve combined it with your favorite thing: weed. Just make sure you establish the rules so that whoever does find a chair takes a hit, and whoever doesn’t has to skip – otherwise, no one will want to sit down.

Another popular weed smoking game among seasoned stoners is “Medusa,” named after the Greek myth. Legend has it that if you looked into Medusa’s eyes, you’d turn to stone.

For this game, you’ll sit in a circle with your friends, making sure everyone has a joint or something to smoke. Everyone starts with their head down until the count of three. Then, everyone is to look up and stare at another player.

If you look at someone who is also looking at you, you must yell out “Medusa!” and take a hit. 

Imagine an Easter egg hunt where, instead of finding plastic eggs full of money, we cut out the middleman and stuffed them full of weed instead. Welcome to the Nug Hunt, the adult version of Easter that can occur any day of the year.

Invite all of your closest friends and hide nugs, joints, edibles – whatever cannabis product you want – all over your home. Everyone gets to keep (and ingest) whatever they find. 

This one is low-maintenance, but super fun. Put on your favorite lineup of stoner movies like Dazed & Confused or Pineapple Express and take a hit every time the characters do, or any time they mention weed at all, if you’re really trying to go hard. 

Like strip poker, but stoned. For anyone who prefers their game nights to be as titillating as possible, this one’s for you. 

The idea is quite straightforward. Everyone takes a hit at the same time and holds it in as long as possible. The first person to exhale removes an article of clothing…and hopes and prays their lungs will work better the next time around.

This one is for the heavier hitters in the game, so maybe stay away if you’ve only just started smoking.

In order to play, gather in a circle – the smaller, the better chance you have of success. The first person takes a hit of a joint, pipe, or bong and passes it, holding in their hit as long as possible.

The goal is to hold it until the bong comes back around to you. If you can’t make it, you’re out. 

Again, this one isn’t for the weak.

We’ve all been in a bind where we had to scramble to make a pipe out of an apple, a water bottle, a pen. Now’s your chance to summon those skills and dominate. Select someone (or a group of someones) to vote on the most effective homemade bong and/or pipe, gifting the winner with the greatest gift of all: eternal bragging rights.

Similar to the bong/pipe-making contest, but with a lot more at stake for your reputation as a stoner. Make sure to wipe off your sweaty palms, first.

Finally, the most chaotic weed smoking game you could possibly play is Last Stoner Standing, which is exactly as it sounds. However, we must insist that this game is reserved for the most advanced of cannabis enthusiasts. 

If you’re wary, try making the rules so that you each take one hit every half hour to give you a little time to recover, until there’s only one person standing.

Even then, make sure no one is planning on going anywhere for the rest of the evening, because once you’re locked into Last Stoner Standing, there’s no turning back.

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