Sorbet Line From DNA Genetics

In 2018, DNA Genetics introduced the “Sorbet line”, a collection of cannabis strains that are products of crossing their award-winning Sorbet with various other strains from their collection. Ranging from Indica to Sativa dominant, they offer numerous variations and twists on the legendary classic, allowing the growers and users to select plants that best suit their individual preferences while still keeping the original Sorbet experience in the front.

Originally, Sorbet was a clone-only strain whose true genetics were never released but many believe it to be a selected phenotype of Sunset Sherbet. Known for its sweet and fruity flavors, high potency and resinous buds, covered with trichomes, it’s a great choice for growers and extraction artists.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert, believed to originate from ancient Persia and is usually made from sugar-sweetened water with fruit flavorings and additions of wine, liqueur or honey. Flavors and aromas present in the strains from the Sorbet line are true representations of its name and will satisfy both casual users and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Blood Orange Sorbet is a tasty and potent Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between delicious and potent Tangie and creamy and sweet Sorbet. The result is incredibly tasty and flavorful, potent and easy to grow strain that finishes in just 8-9 weeks. Buds will usually test around 18-24% THC with ~1% CBD and yields go up to 450-500g/m2 or 500-700g per plant.

Plants will remain short to medium sized, rarely exceeding 150cm, both indoors and outdoors. Growing bushy with good collateral branching it will allow for good yields even with its compact stature. It does best indoors in SOG setups and outdoors in warmer and sunnier climates or greenhouses. Growing dark-green large, dense buds with lots of orange hairs it will fill the grow room with fresh,creamy and citrusy aromas.

Effects are balanced between euphoric, talkative, social and calming and relaxing body buzz. Flavors are sweet, creamy and fruity with lemony undertones and hints of sorbet. Aromas are citrusy and fruity with hints of earth and wood.

Double Stuffed Sorbet is tasty and delicious Indica-dominant cross between high yielding Do-Si-Do and tasty and flavorful Sorbet. It’s a great strain for beginners but more experienced growers will manage to harvest up to a kilo of tasty and potent buds. Yields are usually around 500-650 g/m2 or up to 1000g per plant. Buds usually test around 15-20% THC and <1% CBD.

If provided with plenty of root space and enough vegetation time it can yield up to a kilo per plant. High yields of sticky, resinous buds make this strain sought after, especially as a source of tasty and potent concentrates. Growing to medium size, usually around 100-130cm indoors and 100-150cm outdoors and staying compact in stature with multiple strong branches, it can take any type of training. Most phenotype leaves and buds will start displaying purple, blue or violet colors and hues.

Fruity, sweet and candy-like flavors are accompanied by creamy and rich aromas with hints of herbs and spices. Effects are strong and long lasting but well balanced between relaxing, calming and euphoric and creative. Great daily strain that makes tedious tasks a bit more interesting.

Strawberry Sorbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between heirloom Swiss Strawberry and award winning and tasty Sorbet. It finishes in just 9 weeks, with decent to good yields up to 500-650g/m2 indoors or 500-650g per plant. Usually testing at 20-24% THC with <1% CBD.

Usually staying around 150cm, it will grow numerous medium sized branches that get filled with smaller but dense and hard buds, from top to bottom. Dark green in color, with lots of orange and brown hairs, it will get smelly and sticky, covered with resin, by the time you harvest. Finishing in just 9 weeks, it can take heavy doses of nutrients, especially during flowering period.

Smells are strong and fresh, reminding you of a nice and ripe strawberry field with hints of earth, pine and wood. Flavors are sweet, delicious and fruity with hints of fuel and pine. Effects are balanced between relaxing and calming and uplifting and sociable.

Sorbet #4 is a resinous, smelly and sticky Indica-dominant (60%) cross between legendary and highly resinous and potent GG#4 and Sorbet. A concentrate artists dream, made with hash and concentrate production in mind. Buds usually test between 18 and 25% THC with <1% CBD and yields usually go up to 450-500g/m2 or ~500g per plant.

Extremely high resin production and potency makes it a popular choice among raising numbers of growers worldwide. It will form large, big and long buds spanning from top to bottom, fully covered with icy and sticky resinous trichomes. Branches may need support in the final weeks of flowering to help them manage the extra bud weight. Plants will usually grow up to 100-140cm indoors or 120-180cm outdoors and will be ready to harvest in 9 weeks indoors or by mid October outdoors.

Due to its high potency, effects are fast hitting, strong and long lasting but well balanced between cerebral, happy and uplifting and deep body buzz, even couch locked, which makes it a great bedtime strain. Aromas are earthy, woody and piney with fruity undertones. Flavors are sweet, creamy and sour.

LA Sorbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between legendary sweet and pungent LA Confidential and Sorbet. Combining two tasty and flavorful strains like that resulted in a very unique, smelly and potent strain with short flowering time that’s easy to handle. Yields are usually around 350-450 g/m2 or ~300g per plant and buds usually test at 15-20% THC and ~1% CBD.

LA Sorbet was made with taste and flavor in mind and it delivers plenty of it. Staying short to medium sized, due to its Indica dominance, plants usually stay around 100-140cm indoors or 100-180cm outdoors. Left untrained, plants grow one main large cola but they react well to all types of training. Dark green, fat Indica leaves are in great ratio to light-green or lime color buds that are, dense, hard, small to medium sized and highly smelly and sticky.

Flavors are sweet and fruity with berries and sorbet undertones. Smells are citrusy, lemony and earthy with hints of berries, earth and pine. Effects are long lasting, relaxing and calming, gigly, leaving you happy, sleepy and hungry.

Sorbet Dreams is an Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between top class Kush Dreams and tasty Sorbet. It finishes in just 8-9 weeks, produces around 500g per plant or square meter and due to its easy to grow nature is well suited for beginner growers. It usually tests at 17-23% THC with <1% CBD.

The well known rich flavor of Sorbet has been crossed with Kush Dreams in order to reduce the flowering time and increase resistance to mold and mildew, potency and yield. Plants usually grow up to 100-140cm indoors or 100-180cm outdoors, producing 450-500g/m2 or ~500g per plant.

Effects are strong, relaxing and calming, ideal to treat nausea, glaucome, muscle spasms, inflammation or chronic pain. Its rich and musky Kush aromas and flavors are combined with fresh, fruity and flowery undertones with hints of pine, earth and fuel.

Sour Sorbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid, yet another strain in the Sorbet line, this time coming as a result of crossing the legendary and potent Sour Diesel with Sorbet. Due to its high yield and delicious flavor, it’s a good strain for making concentrates and extracts.

Growing medium to tall, like most of the strains from the same line, it will usually finish in 9 week, although some phenotypes can go a week or more to fully mature, especially if grown in colder and harsher environments. Plants usually stay around 120-150cm indoors or 120-180cm outdoors. Yields are around 450-500g/m2 or 400-600g per plant, usually testing at 18-22% THC with <1% CBD

Its rich and creamy flavors with fruity and herbal undertones make it a great choice for concentrates. Aromas are fresh, sweet, with hints of fuel and pine. Effects are relaxing, calming and cheerful.

Banana Sorbet is a cross between Banana OG and Sorbet. Made with flavor and potency in mind, it delivers plenty of both with delicious and fruity flavors and aromas and usually tests at 23-26% THC with 1-1.5% CBD. Like most Sorbet crosses it will finish flowering in 8-9 weeks indoors or by mid October outdoors.

Due to its compact size and stature and fast flowering time, it will do well both indoors and outdoors. It does like a bit warmer and stable weather but it has good resistance to pests and disease so it may take a week or two longer to finish in harsher and colder climates. Forming big, thick, dense and sticky buds with extreme trichome production which makes it a great source for various concentrates. It has a nice olive green color with plenty of orange dark hairs.

Effects are well balanced between cerebral – uplifting and focused and relaxing and calming body buzz, especially at higher doses where it will end with couch-lock. Aromas and flavors are sweet, creamy, fruity and tropical.

Kosher Sorbet is a sweet and fruity twist on Sorbet and Kush, a cross between award winning Kosher Kush and delicious Sorbet. Potent and tasty, it’s a perfect combination of both parents, a strain that will fully satisfy both connasours and inexperienced users alike. Yields are usually around 450-500g/m2 or 500-600g per plant with buds usually testing at 18-22% THC with <1% CBD.

Finishing in just 9 weeks indoors or by mid October outdoors, it prefers warmer and semi-humid climates outdoors but does well when those conditions are replicated indoors too. Smaller size and stature and thick, big and long colas, make it a good strain to use in SOG. By the time you harvest, buds will be covered with sticky and smelly resin, which makes it a great source for concentrates too.

Flavors are creamy, rich, fruity and sweet with flowery and spicy undertones. Smells are sweet, fresh and flowery with hints of pine, citrus and earth. The effects are strong, long lasting, relaxing and body buzz, leaving you hungry and sleepy. Nice, sweet tasting and relaxing strain to use throughout the day.

Sorbet Stash is a fast finishing and potent Indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between award winning Headstash and delicious and tasty Sorbet. Another strain in their Sorbet line, it’s well suited for all setups and environments, finishes fast and produces decent yields, especially in greenhouse or sunnier climates. Yields are usually around 450-500g/m2 or 500-700g per plant and buds usually test at 17-22% THC with <1% CBD

DNA Genetics have crossed their Sorbet with almost every and all other strains from their catalog, so growers and users can choose and fine-tune their preferences while keeping the true Sorbet flavors and aromas in the forefront. This time they’ve crossed it with award winning Headstash which shortened the flowering time to just 8 to 9 weeks, increased the yield and potency and added a bit of personality to the well known Sorbet line. It does well in all environments and setups and is well suited for new and inexperienced growers.

Effects are mainly what you expect from yet another Sorbet cross – strong, long lasting, physical, body buzz that leaves you calm and relaxed. Smells and aromas don’t vary that much too – sweet, creamy and soury with herbal, flowery undertones and hints of pine and fuel.

Bakers Delight is an Indica-dominant cross between legendary Cookies and a tasty Sorbet, a part of DNA “Sorbet line”. It’s super easy to grow and provides for great yields in all environments and setups. It will form delicious, stinky and sticky large, dense buds that usually test at 18-24% THC and <1% CBD.

By crossing two tasty and potent genetics of Cookies and Sorbet together, DNA Genetics have created this fruity, delicious and potent hybrid. Finishing flowering just 8-9 weeks indoors or by mid October outdoors. More experienced growers can expect yields up to 750g per plant. It will form large, dense buds with dark orang

Effects are calming and relaxing, leaving you concentrated, focused and alert. Smells and aromas are sweet and fruity with hints of fuel and wood. Flavors are sweet, fruity and creamy, reminding you of a combination of sorbet and cookies, just what’s to be expected from its genetic heritage.

You can check out the rest of the DNA Genetics’ Sorbet Collection and other strains from their seedstock and be sure to tell us which strains do you like best or which one you find most interesting.

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