We tested the 10 best CBD flower strains and this is what we found

How does it feel to smoke CBD?

Overall, smoking CBD flower is a very interesting experience. I like mixing the CBD with THC to get a personalized joint with a balanced and smooth high.

Smoking pure CBD creates a strange body high and a very mellow and relaxing feeling that is difficult to describe. It’s almost as if you are about to get high and then it stops short just before it reaches the head. You feel your entire being melt and blood flow starts rushing to your head and pulses down your body.

Personally I enjoy smoking it at night after a workout. I feel like it creates a very relaxing feeling in the muscles and it really helps with calming racing thoughts that usually cause me to have trouble falling asleep.

I find that smoking too much high THC flower at night makes me wake up with cotton-mouth in the middle of the night and the high makes it difficult to fall back asleep. CBD flower on the other hand just knocks me out cold.

Terpenes & cannabinoids

The terpenes and cannabinoids are what gives each strain its unique effect. The blend of cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system which in turn regulates your body’s way to handle pain, sleep, inflammation and much more. It is the system that keeps your body in homeostasis (balance).

The terpenes give further health benefits and the full terpene profile are what create the flavor profiles of each strain.

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