Our go-to fertalizer: Van Gogh’s

Why do we recommend Van Gogh’s?

We get it – there are a lot of cannabis fertilizers right here in Amsterdam and worldwide. However, it is not by luck that we have stuck with Van Gogh’s for as long as we can remember. It’s all about the top-notch quality you get for your money.

Want to know more? We summed up a list of the ‘why’s:

  1. Fertilizer for every growing stage

Marijuana grows in different phases. Van Gogh’s ensures that they take care of every growing stage by having different products for each of them.

For example, they have fertilizers for the roots, leaves, flowers. Additionally, they have the Master Radical Enzymes fertilizer for the rapid conversion of organic residues into nutrients. Visit their products section to see the range of products they offer.

  1. Educational

While offering their standing-out products, Van Gogh’s also aims at educating their customers on how to use their products and what each product does. 

They also have a feeding schedule tab on their website where the customer can download the schedule they need. It’s all in one place!

  1. High-quality products

Other highlights for this company are: 

Why using fertilizer for your marijuana plants

Reasons to use fertilizer:

The nutrients in the natural environment are almost sufficient to keep a cannabis plant flourishing. However, if you want to grow faster and healthier plants, fertilizer is the way to go. 

Van Gogh manufactures their fertilizer so that there is a perfect ratio between the macro and micronutrients. 

The macronutrients are those that have to be in excessive quantities for plants to do well. These are N, P, and K. That’s short for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 

Nonetheless, these are not sufficient to form the best base for concentrated nutrients, and thus micronutrients have to come in handy. 

The micronutrients, in this case, include Calcium, Sulfur, and Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc. 

How to use cannabis fertilizers 

It all starts with preparation and following what Van Gogh’s recommends. However, these tips will come in handy in general:

  • Enhancing the best absorption by the roots requires that you heat the water to preferably 22 degrees Celsius. 

  • While following what the manufacturer recommends, add the nutrients and stir. 

  • It would be best if you adjust the pH using a pH-down supplement. 

  • Proceed to feed the plants at this juncture by ensuring your PPM is right. 

PPM means parts per million and shows how many nutrients there are in your plant. The significance here is all about ensuring that there is no underfeeding or overfeeding, ever. 

If you think that the plants or growing medium have used up the recommended nutrients, it’s crucial to ensure that you do a PPM test and calculate the difference in the required nutrients. This helps in ensuring that you avoid guesswork that would otherwise lead to under or over-feeding. 

When to use cannabis fertilizers 

This is quite a difficult question to answer, because the best time to introduce fertilizer is determined by the type of the strain, the kind of growing medium, and of course, the growing stage. 

For example, as the plant grows, you will need to use the fertilizer that has the most Nitrogen. On the other hand, you will need to use fertilizer containing the most Phosphorus and Potassium during the flowering stage. (Here, you can read the product descriptions or get in touch with Van Gogh’s for pieces of advice on which fertilizer to use at what stage or growing medium.)

Final Thoughts 

When in doubt on what fertilizer brand to use – trust us, when we recommend Van Gogh’s. This is seriously the best cannabis fertilizer brand we have seen.

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