Why Is Marijuana Not Getting Me High

There are plenty of aspects of cannabis that are still unknown. That would be because of the lack of research. We all can thank the federal government for that. But that is for another day.  Today we will be talking about an issue that is very seldom talked about i.e. not being able to get high. Especially with a medical marijuana card.

In a world where every second story is that of people getting high out of their minds, it can often be a very confusing position if you can’t pinpoint why you are not experiencing the same set of effects. Not that getting high should be your goal. But there are certain benefits that do come along with it. Especially if you look at the medical aspects. 

It is a known fact that cannabis works differently for different people. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of cannabis, while others are more tolerant. The effects are all dependent on your own body. Everything from biology to genetics comes into play when one is looking at how cannabis works in your body. 

We will be having a look at all the possible reasons why you might not be feeling high even after using marijuana. 

First time smokers

The First Time Effect

It is not a well-known fact but the truth is that it is often very tough for first-time users to feel the effects of cannabis. Actually, there are times when it may take several times before you can actually feel the full effects of the plant. So, if you are a new user then you should give it a couple of tries. Some theories about why you might not be feeling high when you use marijuana for the first couple of times. 

  • Quite possibly you are just not using cannabis in the right manner as you are new to it. Maybe you just got a medical marijuana card. This includes not inhaling properly and a couple of other things that will unfold as you continue to read.
  • Cannabis works by reacting with cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout our brains and body. We produce a certain amount of cannabinoids naturally but that’s in very small quantities. There is a belief that it takes a little time for the receptors to get fully activated.
  • The final theory with beginners is that they might be facing some kind of psychological hindrance on your path to being high. This includes overthinking, anxiety, or any other kind of mental block that makes it tough for you to relax and enjoy the experience. 

Inhale The Right Way 

If your consumption method of choice is smoking or vaping then you might be required to hone your inhaling skills. As far as general consensus goes, it is tough to inhale in the beginning but you learn over time. 

Start with small hits and then move onto bigger hits as you get comfortable. It is a simple process that consists of you taking slow deep breaths. It helps if you remember that the smoke has to go to your lungs and not your stomach. If your stomach is involved in any capacity, then you probably have swallowed smoke instead of inhaling. 

Bad Cannabis Is Basically Bad

We live in a world where we have a lot of options and it can often get very confusing to buy the right kind of cannabis in the market. There are still moments where you can get high from low-quality cannabis but more often than not you can’t. 

So how do you judge the quality of cannabis in question? For starters always try and get it from legit dispensaries with a medical marijuana card as they have a lot more quality checks in place. The next thing you can do is lookout for the number of seeds in your cannabis. A stray one here or there is fine, but if you constantly find them in large quantities then there is a problem with your cannabis.

Look for the trichomes, there are the crystal structures on the flower. They contain THC and other good cannabinoids which all point towards the good quality of cannabis. The most important factor that you should look at is the smell. Strains can smell fruity and piney and whatnot. As long as you get a strong, pungent scent without any moldy odor you have got good marijuana. 

Quantity Matters As Well 

It is always advised that you start slow and then you build up. But sometimes, you need to use just a little more to get the desired effects. This is probably a quality issue with cannabis. So, always check before you make a cannabis purchase. 

Consumption methods are important

Consumption Method Plays An Essential Role  

There are plenty of ways one can use cannabis. Often as a beginner, you might make the mistake of choosing the wrong method of consumption for yourself. As a first-timer stick to smokables. They are simple and effective. But if you have been using them and have not gotten the desired results then you can give pipes a try. 

Vaping is not all that easy. There are temperatures at play, electrical parts, and also the type of marijuana being used. If you want to try a different form of metabolization then cannabis edibles are a great idea as well. The idea is that a different form of consumption will help out. 

Medical Marijuana Card Can Be A Deterrent As Well 

Nobody knows why exactly it happens but there are certain cases in which,  if you have a medical condition and you use cannabis to manage your condition there is a certain point after which you just stop feeling the effects of being high. This is not necessarily bad as people are still able to get better but not feel the associated high. 

Just because you don’t experience the same way other people do, that does not mean anything. It’s just that your body reacts differently to cannabis. 

Bad cannabis is still bad

The Biggest Culprit of Them All: Tolerance 

If you have just begun to use cannabis, then this might not be an issue. But if you have been using cannabis for a while then there is a chance that you might have increased your tolerance to exorbitant levels. Now, if you have done that it might be time to take a good old-fashioned tolerance break

You don’t have to fret over the fact that you are unable to get high. You can check if one of these things is the issue or maybe you are just using the same strain over and over again.  Remember that everyone’s body is different and some particular methods will always work better than others. 

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