CBD vs. Nano CBD – Why You Should AVOID ‘NANO CBD’

First of all, the prefix ‘nano’ basically means small. The term is now being thrown around the CBD industry to suggest nano-cbd is something special, but it is not. Yes, it does sound kind scientifically advanced and sort of cool but don’t be fooled. In fact, there may be some downsides to so-called ‘Nano-CBD.’

Nano CBD is broken down through an emulsion process, kind of like a salad dressing. But the emulsified CBD must be coated with a material in order for it to remain stable once consumed.

The sales pitch behind Nano-CBD is that this emulsified Nano- CBD will be better absorbed by the body. But this is far from proven.

Even if Nano-CBD products are better absorbed in the body, a potentially major negative is that nano-CBD products are manufactured with chemicals you may not want to put in your body.

One chemical commonly uses in in Nano-CBD products is ‘propylene glycol’, which is a common additive for shelf-stable emulsions and an ingredient that was recently named “Allergen of the Year” by the American Contact Dermatitis Society. Each tiny drop of CBD oil is literally coated with this stuff or other chemicals in order to create the same effect.

In fact, ‘Propylene Glycol’ (also known as PEG) is suspected of potentially being the inactive ingredient that causes severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for covid-19 prevention. (Reuters) The Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses a similar coating ingredient called ‘Polysorbate 80.’

Is Nano-CBD better than regular CBD?

Are there additional risks associated with nano-CBD?

Is Nano-CBD Something Special or Just A Gimmicky Bunch of Scientific Sounding Bulls**t?

Are nano CBD companies using scientific-sounding language as a smokescreen to try to persuade consumers that Nano-CBD is better than regular CBD when there is no evidence to support these claims?

Is ‘Nano-CBD just a bunch of hype to help sell products?

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