The Importance of Lab Testing Hemp Products

With all these different CBD products on the market… how can anyone be sure what they are consuming and if it even contains any CBD at all? There are so many brands on the market that all label their products as having certain cannabinoids present, can you trust it? When it comes to product labeling some brands are misleading consumers. Many hemp-derived products such as CBD oil currently have fewer restrictions or requirements as they are slowly being defined by the FDA on a federal level. This can lead to inconsistency in the industry, leaving the end consumer wondering what they are actually buying.

When growing hemp many toxins can potentially find their way into the final product. Hemp can pull existing contaminants from the soil and into the plant which is in turn being used in the CBD products. This is why third-party laboratories are so important in the CBD industry. Lab testing can not only tell you about the cannabinoid/terpene profiles, but they can give you an understanding of the purity of the product or the presence of toxic contents such as heavy metals and pesticides. Lab testing can give consumers peace of mind knowing what is in the product they are buying. When buying CBD and other hemp products be sure you can find the “COA” Certificate of Analysis, which will contain all the information from the lab test.

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Understanding the Certificate of Analysis 

Here’s the breakdown of the Certificate of Analysis:

Cannabinoid Profile: When it comes to lab testing, the most common testing is for cannabinoid profiles. Cannabinoid profile tests show the cannabinoid make up of the product. Some of the key factors to pay attention to are the THC and CBD contents. When buying CBD isolate products it’s important to confirm there is no THC, while full spectrum products must be below 0.3% THC which is the legal level for hemp-derived products. The cannabinoid profile identifies the cannabinoids and how many are present. Each cannabinoid has their own chemical properties and different effects, an example being THC has intoxicating effects while CBD does not. Other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN have different properties and effects for people with specific symptoms.

Terpene Profile: Terpenes are something you’ve experienced already, it’s what gives an orange a citrusy smell or gives pine trees their unique aroma. Terpenes are the chemical properties that determine how things can smell and can affect the taste especially when smoking. Some of the terpene profiles are stated below:





Microbes: Think E. Coli—it’s not something you want in your CBD product or anything for that matter. Testing for microbes will confirm that there are no harmful molds or bacteria on the hemp plant before harvesting. 

Pesticides & Heavy Metals: Heavy metals and pesticides tests can show how the hemp was grown and if the land it was grown on was contaminated land or had chemicals sprayed or used on it. It’s very important to understand this, especially since CBD is taken for medical and health purposes. Ingesting toxic materials into your body can have the exact opposite effect of what you are looking for. Organic products will be able to prove this claim on the lab analysis. While pesticides may appear in trace amounts in all plants, the amount present in each sample should be minimal.

Chemical solvents:  Chemical solvents are often found in CBD oils and vape products  extracted through methods that include alcohol, Co2, or butane. These can be carcinogenic and cause dangerous side effects if not done properly. 


Buy From a Trusted Source 

You may have seen cheaper products labeled as hemp on the market but I would always make sure these products are lab tested. I’d recommend USDA-certified organic hemp products as they are tested by the growers and sellers. When it comes to products that are consumed, you want to know what you’re putting in your body. A majority of the world’s hemp is coming from China, where there is a lack of environmental regulation or consumer protection. Here at Bam Organics our focus is to only carry high quality hemp products, no misleading labels with 3rd party lab testing with results you can trust. Certificate of Analysis will be included on every product page and with orders if requested.

I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Anuj at Feedspot for featuring Bam Organics on the Feedspot Top 100 Cannabidiol Blogs!

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