Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane in the UK

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is derived from the hemp plant. In the UK, millions of people consume it for its numerous therapeutic benefits.

But since CBD is extracted from a member of the cannabis family, some people usually have a few concerns around the law, drug tests, flying, etc.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Yes, it is legal in the United Kingdom to use CBD Oil and products that contain it. It must be derived from certified hemp strains and must not contain more than 0.2% THC or 1mg if consumed orally.

THC is the compound that triggers psychoactive effects, and the levels found in CBD oil at under 0.2% are not strong enough to have an effect.

Once you incorporate CBD into your daily routine, you’ll want to be able to access it wherever you go. And so, what if you’re traveling abroad? Does traveling with CBD cause complexities?

Flying with CBD Oil in the UK

You need to be aware that CBD is not legal throughout the world. It is banned in many countries, including China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

If you travel to these countries with CBD on you, you could be breaking the law, and some of them may have strict penalties for doing so.

Always be sure to check the law around CBD in your destination thoroughly and only fly with cannabidiol on you if its law clearly states that cannabidiol is legal.

If you don’t fly directly to your destination and have connecting flights, you also need to exercise caution in case CBD is illegal in the stop-over country.

Cannabidiol may be legal in your final destination, but if it’s illegal at any stopover, this could cause you some problems.

So, make sure that CBD is legal throughout your stopovers. (This is obviously especially important if the oil is in your hand luggage).

Taking CBD Before A Flight Promotes Relaxation

Some travelers find getting into planes very nerve-wracking. The last thing you want is to board a plane and then start playing out horrible scenarios in your mind.

If you take CBD, it can help to fight off anxiety, allowing you to be calmer throughout the flight.

Mental calm is an essential factor during flights. It enhances relaxation and triggers uplifting effects, enabling you to relax and enjoy your flight.

One of the reasons why more people are turning away from OTC-drugs in favour of CBD oil is that CBD rarely has side effects.

However, if you’re taking other medication, talk to your doctor first before using CBD products to make sure that you avoid drug interaction.

So if you are interested in giving CBD oil a go, why not visit our shop and check out our product ranges?

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