Interview with Brigette Keith, Co-Founder of My Hemp Benefits

I’m Brigette, one of the three founders of My Hemp Benefits. We are not a large corporation but are proud to be a small, independent, woman-owned company. My Hemp Benefits was started when I learned that cannabis was being accepted under the hemp pilot program of 2014. While looking at labels of different CBD products for my own consumption, I began reading competitors labels. I just couldn’t comprehend how something so healthy and potentially life changing was being made with chemicals such as artificial flavors and sweeteners.

That was truly the moment because I could see there was a need for a really pure high quality CBD oil. I have always felt that God has provided everything we need to survive on Earth, but it is up to us to use it. It was at that time that I consulted with Co-founders Melisaa and Dana, to work together and provide people with a superior high quality, full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil.

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